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my friends are so immensely talented and good at what they love to do and i got to watch them do one of the most important auditions they will have in college and they were all so wonderful and i’m just really really happy that my friends are probably going to succeed in their chosen careers omg

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while i’m doing sexuality rants actually it makes me so angry that since coming out i’ve been told i dress “too straight” to be queer

- my femininity is not indicative of my sexuality
- i was incredibly insecure about my femininity for a long time due to a fuckton of internalized misogyny and it took a lot of years of work to get over that and it makes me angry that now it’s being used to judge me
- i can wear as many goddamn skirts and bows as i want it doesn’t make me straight and never will

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honestly tho that last joke post about my sexuality being “reluctantly attracted to men” isn’t even a joke omg


girls are so cute and so much better than boys and I JUST WANT A GIRLFRIEND A LOT but like. i still like men. somewhere. somehow. for some reason. why. men are awful. it would be so much easier to call it a day and be a lesbian but the word just doesn’t fit because i’m NOT a lesbian, i am aggressively vocally and proudly bisexual but occasionally displeased about it because men are the worst and i want to date a girl goddammit

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can i define my sexuality as “reluctantly attracted to men”



so many of my friends are queer that i genuinely forget that the majority of the population isn’t on a regular basis


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i’m making a canvas and sharpie marauder’s map tote bag in the style of my dress and i hate myself omg

30 ACTORS I ADMIRE - Ben Whishaw
He’s the greatest actor of my generation. - Tom Hiddleston (x)


i am much gayer and nerdier than i originally budgeted for 


and at no point has anyone thought “maybe we should not build a giant flammable goat this year”


and at no point has anyone thought “maybe we should not build a giant flammable goat this year”

  • Sirius: I couldn't help but notice you've been spending a staggering amount of time talking to Lily lately.
  • James: [glaring]
  • Sirius: No need to look like a deer in headlights. I'm simply stating a fact.
  • James: [glaring]
  • Sirius: You're positively fawning all over her.
  • Sirius: [grinning]
  • James: If you'll excuse me gents, I've got to go find a new best friend.
  • Sirius: [shouting after him] Oi! Where you going? You've got man's best friend right here!
  • James: [pauses long enough to shoot a rude hand gesture back at Sirius]
  • Sirius: [laughing]
  • Peter: You're really in the doghouse this time, mate.
  • Remus: Yeah Sirius, you're lucky he didn't put you outside for the night.
  • Peter: Better be careful, or he'll swap out your shampoo with flea dip again.
  • Sirius: Alright, alrigh--wait, what do you mean AGAIN?